Core Values


  • We will reach out to people in our area by meeting a variety of needs using creative methods to demonstrate Christ’s love one person at a time.



  • We will seek to build a diverse group of friends into a united community, a true family of brothers and sisters.
  • We will encourage all our new friends to grow their faith in Christ through study and service groups.



  • We will seek spiritual nourishment together through the Christian Bible while seeking the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
  • We will challenge each friend and follower of Jesus to reach maturity to further strengthen the kingdom work and develop those gifted in leadership.



  • We will teach and grow followers of Jesus to be able to share the story about what He did for all humanity with those who are receptive in our area and beyond.
  • We will be seeking to invite others to join our diverse family so they can grow in these core values, repeating this process over and over again .



Adventure exists to introduce new friends to Jesus and grow a diverse group of transformed individuals into a loving family to God’s glory.