Meet the Pastor

The planter and pastor of Adventure is Ken Hasekamp. In 2004, Ken, Susan and their three boys came to Stockton, CA to start a new church. With God in control, they were led from there to Patterson in 2006. The boys are now adults and all are involved in ministry where they live back east. Their sons all love Jesus.

Ken and Susan were married in May 1980. Here is a fun fact: they have been business and ministry partners longer than they have been married. Here is a message from Ken:

The goal in planting Adventure is to bring the powerful, life changing hope of Jesus to even more people who need it. Whether you are new to Jesus and the Bible or a long time believer, our prayer is that you find something new and exciting about     the person of Jesus of Nazareth through Adventure that will make a difference in your life.

This is why the name “Adventure” is so important. The God of Jesus Christ has a wonderful journey planned for each of us.   Our entire life is truly to be one big adventure. When we include Jesus in it as our friend, example and guide, then life’s journey and conclusion never has to be in doubt.

Thank you for taking a look at Adventure.   I personally invite you to find out more. The more you see how the love of Jesus is changing lives, the more you will desire that love in your life. You truly have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Come join the growing family at Adventure!