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  Transforming lives through friendship with Jesus while growing a diverse group into a loving family! The planter of Adventure Christian Church of Patterson is Ken Hasekamp.  Along with his wife, Susan, and their three boys (now adults, two of whom are pastors), they came to California back in 2004 to share the life-changing love of Jesus.  To say it has been an interesting time since then would be a gross understatement.  Here is a word from Ken: It is a wonderful pleasure and joy for Susan and me to be in  Patterson, California.  We have grown to love this community over the  last five-plus years of living and serving here.  Our goal in planting this  new church is to bring the powerful, life-changing hope of Jesus to those who are in need of it.   Whether you are new to the concept of Christianity or a long time believer, our prayer is that you find  something new and exciting at the Adventure Christian Church of Patterson that will make a difference  in your life.  This is why the name “Adventure” is so important.  The God of Jesus Christ has a wonderful journey  planned for each of us.  Our entire life is truly to be one big adventure.  When we include Jesus in it as  our friend, example and guide, then life’s journey and its ultimate conclusion never has to be in doubt.  Thank you for taking a look at our new church.  I personally invite you to find out even more.  The more  you see how friendship and a growing love of Jesus is changing lives, the more you will desire that  friendship and love in your life.  You truly have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Come join the  Adventure.  Ken and Susan have served churches in Missouri, Illinois, Ohio and California.  They were married in  May 1980 after knowing each other for years through attending sister churches that combined their  youth choirs to form one larger group.  They have been business partners even longer than they have  been married.  They both deeply love Jesus and invite others to join them on this incredible adventure  of life with Jesus.